Tree Trimming Services: What It Takes to Keep a Tree Happy & Healthy


when-to-prune-treesNot everybody is aware of the responsibilities of being a homeowner, especially a homeowner of a gorgeous yard. When it comes to your yard maintenance, your trees require some specialized service in order to keep them beautiful and healthy. At Grand Junction Tree Services, we have properly trained technicians to provide tree trimming services to help keep your trees in the best shape possible.

When to Prune Your Trees
Tree trimming services are always a great option, but you want to ensure you are getting the most for your money. You can do some work yourself and lightly prune rogue, small branches and remove any deadwood that you can easily identify. If, however, you are unsure of what you are looking at, it is best to give us a call.

There are three times you want to prune your trees:

• Pruning during dormancy to prepare for spring growth (winter)
• Directing or slowing the growth of branches you don’t want (summer)
• Pruning to enhance flowering on certain trees

Tree services are available throughout the year; however, the best times to prune is in the winter. By hiring tree trimming services in the winter, you ensure that you see a burst of new growth in the springtime. Your arborist will book this appointment once the coldest portion of winter has passed.

Why Prune Your Trees
The trees in your yard will require tree services for three reasons:

• Safety
• Health
• Aesthetics

The most important reason to have your trees pruned is safety. Dead or weak branches can break off any time, presenting safety hazards. Also, if you find branches growing close to utility lines, they should be trimmed back immediately.

If you have an infected tree in your yard, you can sometimes remove the infected branches or sections and save the rest of the tree. A thinned crown also improves airflow, which can be of great help to the overall health and beauty of a tree.

It’s Time for Tree Removal
A tree in your yard does a lot of things for you, like:

• Provide shade
• Hold soil in place
• Increase your yard’s beauty and value

However, if a tree is more than 50% damaged or diseased, tree removal should be considered because the tree’s health will slowly decline, perhaps impacting surrounding trees. Tree removal should also happen if a tree’s root system has more than 50% damage to it. Without a proper root system, the tree’s health will decline.

A lot of details go into maintaining trees in your yard. Our tree trimming services are available in Grand Junction, CO (also Aspen, CO, Fruita, CO, Palisade, CO, Redlands, CO, and all along the Western Slope of Colorado), and we can help to keep your trees as healthy as possible. If you are concerned about the health of your trees or are simply looking to book an appointment to prune your trees, you can contact us at (970) 642-3750, and we can discuss the right solution for you.

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