Tree and Stump Removal


All along the Western Slope of Colorado, including Grand Junction you will find that tree and stump removal is a service in high-demand. There are three clear and easy ways to remove your tree stump after cutting down the main tree.


Chemical Stump Removal

Once you’ve removed the tree, you’re left with the stump. One way to remove the stump without having to resort to expensive tree removal costs is to use chemicals. Chemicals can be used to soften the stump before you are able to remove it completely. You need to keep children and animals away from the area.

The tree stump will absorb the chemicals, allowing the wood to soften. You need to drill holes in the stump and then pour the chemicals in for this to work. The stump should take a few weeks before you notice it beginning to rot. Once the stump is softened, you can remove the stump by chopping, burning, or using tree removal pries.

The advantages of chemicals include:

  • Softening the bark making it easier to chop
  • Chemicals work at the root of the stump

Tree and Stump Removal by Fire

You can burn both the tree and the stump together. In order to burn the stump, you’ll need extra wood. The tree is perfect for this. You can use tree removal pries to cut down the tree to smaller and easier to manage chunks and use this for fuel for the fire.

The main thing to remember about using fire for tree and stump removal, is that you will need to get a fire permit from your municipal government, and notify your neighbours. Bear in mind, also, that it takes hours to burn through the stump and needs constant observation.

After burning, shovel the ash out and dispose of it properly. After the fire, fill the hole with sawdust or something similar to prevent the hole from sinking.

The advantages of fire include:

  • Keeps tree removal costs to a minimum
  • Effective way of tree and stump removal
  • Fun fire time for the whole family

Grinding the Stump to Remove It

Grinding the stump may mean the highest tree removal costs involved, but this option is the kindest to the environment, as well as being an effective method of tree and stump removal. It is simple to use and all you need to do is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

You begin by placing the grinder over the stump and let the grinder work its way down the stump and into the roots. You probably won’t even need tree removal pries.

Advantages to using a grinder include:

(Image and excerpt from “How to Remove Tree Stumps.”)

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