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Finding the Right Green Tree Services


Why might you need green tree services? Sometimes during summers or pre-hurricane days, urgent needs to undertake tree cutting services arise. This process of cutting trees can be performed by the individual himself, but keeping in mind the risks involved, it is advisable to seek professional help. Now this process of finding the suitable candidate can more than often be a tiresome on. Here are some tips on how to select a good tree cutting service provider.


How Green is their Tree Service?

It’s more important now, than ever before, for us to take care of the environment. Particularly when felling trees, we feel that lessening our carbon footprint, as much as possible, is very important. Ensure that when you are hiring a tree cutting service that they’re offering green tree services.

Look for Experienced Companies

To make sure that you given optimum tree cutting service, tree trimming service, or green tree services, you must do a background check of the potential company. Find out how much experience the company has in tree cutting service, tree trimming service, or green tree services, and try to gather references. Very commonly, the company having the most experience provides the best green tree services, including tree cutting service and tree trimming service.

Check the Specifics

Owing to the different needs of each individual, you must ensure that the given company satisfies all of your tree cutting and tree trimming needs. For instance, if a person wants to hire tree cutting service, tree trimming service, or green tree services, they should ask the following questions to the company. This will help you to be completely sure of their credentials:

  • Do they possess a current and appropriate license?
  • Is the company insured to your expectations?
  • Check the equipment the company will be using to get the work done
  • Enquire about the time that company will take
  • Get everything about the cost of services finalised before the work begins

Professional Green Tree Services in Colorado

To ensure that you’re going to get proper tree cutting services is not a simple work. And with such an important task at hand, you wouldn’t be willing to take a chance by handing it over to inexperienced people. Before assigning this work to a company, get their background checked, and go through their references.

We offer green tree services, tree trimming service, and tree cutting service, in Grand Junction, CO (also Aspen, CO, Fruita, CO, Palisade, CO, Redlands, CO, and all along the Western Slope of Colorado).

(Image and excerpt from “Hiring Tree Cutting and Removal Services”)

By Justin Perkins

Tree Cutting Services


Trees are an important part of many homeowners’ landscapes. Trees offer:

  • Shade
  • Protection from wind
  • Shelter from rain
  • An attractive addition to your yard

That beautiful tree will require a bit of maintenance to keep them attractive and healthy for years to come.


Topping, Shaping, and Pruning

Of the many reasons for pruning your trees, safety is the most important. Any branches that may cause damage to your home in a storm should be removed, as well as any that block the visibility of drivers on the street.

When trimming, you should target the following first:
• Branches near wires
• Dead branches
• Branches that cross over each other
• Branches brushing against each other
• Branches that touch the house

Any tree trimming service is best performed in the late fall and the winter. At that time of year, the sap isn’t running, and the tree will suffer the least damage and stress as a result. In the fall and winter, tree trimming service also doesn’t result in insects infesting your tree, as they would in the spring and winter.

Where to Trim

Tree cutting services should be performed following these guidelines:
• Cut at the node, where two branches meet
• Cut just outside the bumpy ridge of bark that forms the node
• Angling the cut downward will minimize the stub formed

If your tree is hardwood, chances are that the best way to perform your tree cutting services is to do crown thinning. This tree trimming service shapes the tree by gradually and carefully trimming bits off of the tree’s crown.

When your tree has a turned-in wedge of bark where the branches separate into a sharp V, one branch must be removed. This wedge indicates a very weak spot in the branch, leaving it vulnerable to problems, if not trimmed.

Crown raising is when the tree trimming occurs at the bottom of the tree, to allow for walking underneath the tree.

Green Tree Services in Grand Junction, CO

While trimming your trees, consider the environment by hiring green tree services. Our green tree services in Grand Junction, CO (also Aspen, CO, Fruita, CO, Palisade, CO, Redlands, CO, and all along the Western Slope of Colorado) are very environment friendly.

(Image and excerpt from “Tree care and services”)