Colorado Tree Service Experts Highlight Importance of Care & Removal


Colorado tree service is necessary to keep your property safe from damage and your landscape healthy. Jon Nunan, a contributing writer in HomeAdvisor shares some useful tips that homeowners can apply:

Colorado Tree Service Experts Highlight Importance of Care & Removal

Mature Tree Care: Checking Your Tree’s Health

To tell if your tree is healthy, you should check four things: leaf size and appearance, the number of new buds and leaves, twig growth, and the appearance of the uppermost branches of the tree. If there seems to be a dramatic change in any of these from the previous year, it’s likely that the tree is having some health issues.

Mature Tree Care: Mulch and Fertilizer
If the well-established trees on your property are native to the area or are well suited to the local climate, there is very little weekly or monthly maintenance involved in keeping them healthy. However, the application of mulch and fertilizer can play a role in the health of a mature tree; sometimes, that effect is harmful rather than beneficial.

Mature Tree Removal
When mature tree pruning is performed to remove diseased branches, you’ll also need to be careful what you do with the limbs you remove, as they could infect other trees in the area.

Homeowners who do regular tree inspections can save themselves from a lot of trouble. Doing so allows them to spot problems early on, such as insect infestation and fungal activity. It helps to check your trees for abnormalities every now and then, to obtain prompt treatment as necessary.

Apart from inspection, care is also vital. While it always seems helpful to apply mulch and fertilizer, these may actually be detrimental to tree health. Homeowners should ask arborists for advice in this regard, to know what kind of fertilizer is ideal for the age and kind of their trees, and whether mulch would be beneficial for their landscape.

Finally, factors that necessitate removal include disease, fungus, and infestation, as well as heavy snows, lightning, and winds. In some cases, complete removal may not be necessary. Pruning can be performed to remove a branch that is obstructing the view or posing a threat to structural damage. The removed limbs can even be used as mulch for landscaping.

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(Article Information and Image from Mature Tree Care and Tree Removal, Home Advisor)

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