Using the Best Tree Removal Services in Grand Junction Colorado


Trees are an important feature in landscaping. They provide natural shade and cool areas for your yard. However, when a tree is damaged by a storm or disease, or inhibits expansion, tree removal services might be needed.
* We provide tree services to the Grand Junction, CO area
* The best tree removal services are careful and professional
* Use tree removal services and tree stump removal services to clear your yard
Finding the Best Tree Services in Grand Junction
When you are searching for a company to provide your tree removal services, tree stump removal or general tree services, you should be careful who you hire. Reputable companies use experienced arborists and tree cutting professionals who understand how to handle your tree removal needs. They should also be concerned about their reputation, and spend time considering their clients’ needs rather than just focusing on making money. Reputable companies should:
* Provide you with estimates so you can make an informed decision
* Provide appropriate identification and credentials to establish suitability
* Be willing to discuss terms and pricing with you before starting
Getting the Best Tree Removal Services
Your tree may need to be removed due to storm damage, pest infestation or disease. Tree removal services and tree stump removal is a fact of life in Aspen, CO, Fruita, CO, Palisade, CO, Redlands, CO, and all along the Western Slope of Colorado. Businesses which provide this service should be mindful of customer satisfaction and try to ensure that they fulfil their contractual agreements, causing as little inconvenience as possible to you, the tree owner. The best tree removal services should:
* Observe all safety measures in tree removal and felling procedures
* Use only experienced employees to handle the jobs that are taken on
* Offer debris removal services
Getting the Best Tree Stump Removal in Grand Junction
Tree removal really involves the separation of the tree from its stump using high powered tools. Often, if it is not explicitly stated, tree removal does not include tree stump removal. This should be discussed and agreed upon before the job starts.
* Determine the time line that will be required for the removal of trees and stumps
* Employ a company that will show concern for your yard and garden
* Make sure you are satisfied with the job on completion
We Provide Some of the Best Tree Trimming Services in Grand Junction
If you are looking for an expert team of professionals providing tree removal and stump removal services you can contact Grand Junction Tree Services. We are a fully licensed and insured company and our service is one on which we stake our reputation. We are willing and able to see to all your tree service needs in the Western Colorado area.
* We are professional and certified arborists and tree specialists
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* Come into our offices to arrange a full consultation on your tree service needs


Tree Trimming Services: What It Takes to Keep a Tree Happy & Healthy


Not everybody is aware of the responsibilities of being a homeowner, especially a homeowner of a gorgeous yard. When it comes to your yard maintenance, your trees require some specialized service in order to keep them beautiful and healthy. At Grand Junction Tree Services, we have properly trained technicians to provide tree trimming services to help keep your trees in the best shape possible.
When to Prune Your Trees
Tree trimming services are always a great option, but you want to ensure you are getting the most for your money. You can do some work yourself and lightly prune rogue, small branches and remove any deadwood that you can easily identify. If, however, you are unsure of what you are looking at, it is best to give us a call.
There are three times you want to prune your trees:
• Pruning during dormancy to prepare for spring growth (winter)
• Directing or slowing the growth of branches you don’t want (summer)
• Pruning to enhance flowering on certain trees
Tree services are available throughout the year; however, the best times to prune is in the winter. By hiring tree trimming services in the winter, you ensure that you see a burst of new growth in the springtime. Your arborist will book this appointment once the coldest portion of winter has passed.
Why Prune Your Trees
The trees in your yard will require tree services for three reasons:
• Safety
• Health
• Aesthetics
The most important reason to have your trees pruned is safety. Dead or weak branches can break off any time, presenting safety hazards. Also, if you find branches growing close to utility lines, they should be trimmed back immediately.
If you have an infected tree in your yard, you can sometimes remove the infected branches or sections and save the rest of the tree. A thinned crown also improves airflow, which can be of great help to the overall health and beauty of a tree.
It’s Time for Tree Removal
A tree in your yard does a lot of things for you, like:
• Provide shade
• Hold soil in place
• Increase your yard’s beauty and value
However, if a tree is more than 50% damaged or diseased, tree removal should be considered because the tree’s health will slowly decline, perhaps impacting surrounding trees. Tree removal should also happen if a tree’s root system has more than 50% damage to it. Without a proper root system, the tree’s health will decline.
A lot of details go into maintaining trees in your yard. Our tree trimming services are available in Grand Junction, CO (also Aspen, CO, Fruita, CO, Palisade, CO, Redlands, CO, and all along the Western Slope of Colorado), and we can help to keep your trees as healthy as possible. If you are concerned about the health of your trees or are simply looking to book an appointment to prune your trees, you can contact us at (970) 642-3750, and we can discuss the right solution for you.
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Tree and Stump Removal in Grand Junction Colorado


We all like to maintain our yard and take care of the trees in it. But those stumps can make your gardens look bad—worse when you cut the trees down yourself. In such a situation, tree and stump removal should be the decision one must take to give the gardens a better look, but cost of tree removal can get in the way. If you worry over tree stump removal cost then continue reading since there are great ways to minimize the cost.

How to Get Rid of Unsightly Stumps, Fast?
Grand Junction, CO is an area that grows tree stumps for sure. Also if you are living at or near Aspen, CO, Fruita, CO, Palisade, CO, Redlands, CO and all along the Western Slope of Colorado, then you might have greater chances of experiencing tree stumps that demand tree and stump removal. You may wonder how to get rid of the cost of tree removal. Tree stump removal cost can be lessened provided you follow the following:

Detonate the tree base sky-high with dynamites
Tug stump out from ground by use of a bus and shackle
Excavation of it using hefty equipment and machinery
Hasten up the decaying procedure by smearing chemical stump destroyer

Is Hiring a Professional a Wise Decision to Make?
You may want to hire a professional the moment you see a tree stump, for professionals make it look like they do it fast. When one does not have the necessary tools and experience for tree and stump removal, the decision to hire a professional expertise works well. Don’t cut corners thinking it’s a good idea to try searching out for ways that make it easy for you to get rid of tree stumps fast, in a cheaper way—you could end up costing yourself more in the long run.
Professional Tree Stump Removal in Grand Junction
One can always look out for handy DIY solutions if cost saving is wanted, but removing tree stumps can be dangerous and difficult work. It’s always recommended to call in professionals if you haven’t any experience in tree stump removal, even if cost of tree removal and tree stump removal cost are of concern.
(Image and excerpt from “How To Pay As Little As Possible For Tree Stump Removal”)
By Chris Williams


Finding the Right Green Tree Services


Why might you need green tree services? Sometimes during summers or pre-hurricane days, urgent needs to undertake tree cutting services arise. This process of cutting trees can be performed by the individual himself, but keeping in mind the risks involved, it is advisable to seek professional help. Now this process of finding the suitable candidate can more than often be a tiresome on. Here are some tips on how to select a good tree cutting service provider.

How Green is their Tree Service?
It’s more important now, than ever before, for us to take care of the environment. Particularly when felling trees, we feel that lessening our carbon footprint, as much as possible, is very important. Ensure that when you are hiring a tree cutting service that they’re offering green tree services.
Look for Experienced Companies
To make sure that you given optimum tree cutting service, tree trimming service, or green tree services, you must do a background check of the potential company. Find out how much experience the company has in tree cutting service, tree trimming service, or green tree services, and try to gather references. Very commonly, the company having the most experience provides the best green tree services, including tree cutting service and tree trimming service.
Check the Specifics
Owing to the different needs of each individual, you must ensure that the given company satisfies all of your tree cutting and tree trimming needs. For instance, if a person wants to hire tree cutting service, tree trimming service, or green tree services, they should ask the following questions to the company. This will help you to be completely sure of their credentials:

Do they possess a current and appropriate license?
Is the company insured to your expectations?
Check the equipment the company will be using to get the work done
Enquire about the time that company will take
Get everything about the cost of services finalised before the work begins

Professional Green Tree Services in Colorado
To ensure that you’re going to get proper tree cutting services is not a simple work. And with such an important task at hand, you wouldn’t be willing to take a chance by handing it over to inexperienced people. Before assigning this work to a company, get their background checked, and go through their references.
We offer green tree services, tree trimming service, and tree cutting service, in Grand Junction, CO (also Aspen, CO, Fruita, CO, Palisade, CO, Redlands, CO, and all along the Western Slope of Colorado).
(Image and excerpt from “Hiring Tree Cutting and Removal Services”)
By Justin Perkins


How to Choose a Tree Cutting Service in Grand Junction


During the summer, and before or after major storms, you may face the need to use a tree cutting service. Doing your own tree cutting is possible, but it’s advisable to involve a professional tree trimming service.
Choosing which tree cutting service provider to hire can be tiresome and difficult, as there are many professionals out there in the business. Here are some tips on how to select a good tree cutting service.

Go for Experienced Companies
To ensure that you receive the best tree cutting service, tree trimming service, or green tree services, you need to go through a background check of the company you are thinking of hiring. Check out how much experience that company has in this business, and always rely on references. Most often, the most experienced company provides the best tree cutting service, tree trimming service, and green tree services.

Check for references and referrals
Find out how long they’ve been in business
Find out if tree trimming is their specialty or a side job
Check into how their services affect the environment

Check the Specifics
Different customers have different needs, and you should ensure that the company you choose meets your particular needs. For example, if you were to hire tree cutting service, tree trimming service for green tree services, you can ask the company about these things, to be sure of its credentials:

If they fully licensed and insured
Ask about the time that company would take to get the work done
Get everything about the cost of services finalised initially
Get to know about everything included in the cost
Ask them if they offer environmentally-friendly and green tree services
Ask about the equipment the company will be hiring to get the work done

Professional Tree Trimming Services in Grand Junction Colorado
To get trees cut down is not an easy job. And handing over such an important job to inexperienced people can prove to be the biggest mistake you could ever have made. Before hiring a company for this work, get some research done on their backgrounds and past work. And for such a skilled and important job, hiring experienced tree cutting service providers is the best bet.
We offer environmentally friendly, green tree services, and we serve Grand Junction, CO (also Aspen, CO, Fruita, CO, Palisade, CO, Redlands, CO, and all along the Western Slope of Colorado).
(Image and excerpt from “Hiring tree cutting and removal services”)


Tree and Stump Removal


All along the Western Slope of Colorado, including Grand Junction you will find that tree and stump removal is a service in high-demand. There are three clear and easy ways to remove your tree stump after cutting down the main tree.

Chemical Stump Removal
Once you’ve removed the tree, you’re left with the stump. One way to remove the stump without having to resort to expensive tree removal costs is to use chemicals. Chemicals can be used to soften the stump before you are able to remove it completely. You need to keep children and animals away from the area.
The tree stump will absorb the chemicals, allowing the wood to soften. You need to drill holes in the stump and then pour the chemicals in for this to work. The stump should take a few weeks before you notice it beginning to rot. Once the stump is softened, you can remove the stump by chopping, burning, or using tree removal pries.
The advantages of chemicals include:

Softening the bark making it easier to chop
Chemicals work at the root of the stump

Tree and Stump Removal by Fire
You can burn both the tree and the stump together. In order to burn the stump, you’ll need extra wood. The tree is perfect for this. You can use tree removal pries to cut down the tree to smaller and easier to manage chunks and use this for fuel for the fire.
The main thing to remember about using fire for tree and stump removal, is that you will need to get a fire permit from your municipal government, and notify your neighbours. Bear in mind, also, that it takes hours to burn through the stump and needs constant observation.
After burning, shovel the ash out and dispose of it properly. After the fire, fill the hole with sawdust or something similar to prevent the hole from sinking.
The advantages of fire include:

Keeps tree removal costs to a minimum
Effective way of tree and stump removal
Fun fire time for the whole family

Grinding the Stump to Remove It
Grinding the stump may mean the highest tree removal costs involved, but this option is the kindest to the environment, as well as being an effective method of tree and stump removal. It is simple to use and all you need to do is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
You begin by placing the grinder over the stump and let the grinder work its way down the stump and into the roots. You probably won’t even need tree removal pries.
Advantages to using a grinder include:

Removes roots and stump
Kinder to the soil
Cleaner than fire
Cheaper than other tree and stump removal

(Image and excerpt from “How to Remove Tree Stumps.”)


Tree Cutting Services


Trees are an important part of many homeowners’ landscapes. Trees offer:

Protection from wind
Shelter from rain
An attractive addition to your yard

That beautiful tree will require a bit of maintenance to keep them attractive and healthy for years to come.

Topping, Shaping, and Pruning
Of the many reasons for pruning your trees, safety is the most important. Any branches that may cause damage to your home in a storm should be removed, as well as any that block the visibility of drivers on the street.
When trimming, you should target the following first:
• Branches near wires
• Dead branches
• Branches that cross over each other
• Branches brushing against each other
• Branches that touch the house
Any tree trimming service is best performed in the late fall and the winter. At that time of year, the sap isn’t running, and the tree will suffer the least damage and stress as a result. In the fall and winter, tree trimming service also doesn’t result in insects infesting your tree, as they would in the spring and winter.
Where to Trim
Tree cutting services should be performed following these guidelines:
• Cut at the node, where two branches meet
• Cut just outside the bumpy ridge of bark that forms the node
• Angling the cut downward will minimize the stub formed
If your tree is hardwood, chances are that the best way to perform your tree cutting services is to do crown thinning. This tree trimming service shapes the tree by gradually and carefully trimming bits off of the tree’s crown.
When your tree has a turned-in wedge of bark where the branches separate into a sharp V, one branch must be removed. This wedge indicates a very weak spot in the branch, leaving it vulnerable to problems, if not trimmed.
Crown raising is when the tree trimming occurs at the bottom of the tree, to allow for walking underneath the tree.
Green Tree Services in Grand Junction, CO
While trimming your trees, consider the environment by hiring green tree services. Our green tree services in Grand Junction, CO (also Aspen, CO, Fruita, CO, Palisade, CO, Redlands, CO, and all along the Western Slope of Colorado) are very environment friendly.
(Image and excerpt from “Tree care and services”)


Tree Trimming Services: The Safe Way to Prune Trees


Tree removal can be a very tough decision. It takes a lot of consideration to decide whether to take out a tree or not. Sometimes, it’s better to simply trim the tree back. Either way, it takes a lot of work. We offer tree removal services, tree trimming services, and tree pruning services for those who decide they’d rather not do it themselves. If you do the job yourself, you’ll need to know the safety measures to take in order to ensure your safety as well as effective tree trimming. Here are some of the most important tips from “Pruning Trees: A Step-by-Step Guide” and our own experience.
Clear the Area
Whenever you remove or trim a tree, make sure the area is traffic free. Controlling the traffic must be established. A barrier should be put into place so that people will recognize that it is a work zone. To control traffic and the movement of vehicles outside the work zone, signs, cones, barricades, or a traffic control officer should be present.
It is a must that you should be far away from places such as gas stations or any refueling areas so that a fire can be avoided. You also need to be cognizant of power lines and even underground gas, plumbing, and power lines to avoid disrupting service.
Do not continue tree removal or tree trimming operations during bad weather conditions. Among these conditions are thunderstorms, snow, and high winds.
Hanging Limbs
If you see any large hanging limbs, remove them first to avoid them breaking off when you’re working on the rest of the tree. Tree limb removing can be hazardous. Be sure to understand how much the limb weighs and the direction it is likely to fall.
Before beginning tree removal or tree trimming, be sure to check your equipment, and maintain it throughout the process. See to it that there are no abnormalities. Upon using the tools, be sure you follow the instructions of the manufacturer.
Sight Checks
When cutting trees, you should assess the surrounding area, the height of the tree, its shape, and identify what kind of tree it is as this will all affect your approach to the work. Be sure to look for loose limbs, decayed weak spots, and the location of other nearby trees and structures.
Escape Route
People who offer tree cutting services know their position and duties so that they don’t put other workers in danger. When doing the job yourself, you should be organized and plan an escape route in case something unexpected happens.
Tree trimming or removal must be done in a way that dangers are unlikely to arise. Communication is vital both between workers and between workers and bystanders. Someone working up in the tree should warn the person on the ground before cutting or dropping limbs. Bystanders should not enter the work area while chainsaws are running. Cords and fall zones should be brightly marked.
As you have noticed, cutting a tree is real work. There are many factors to consider before and during tree removal or trimming.
For help with your tree maintenance, we perform tree removal services, tree cutting services, and tree trimming services in Grand Junction, CO as well as Aspen, CO, Fruita, CO, Palisade, CO, Redlands, CO, and all along the Western Slope of Colorado.
(Image and excerpt from “Pruning Trees: A Step-by-Step Guide”)


Letting a Colorado Tree Service Provider Get to the Root of the Matter


Trees are one of the most majestic gifts that Nature has to offer; not only do they grow to heights that rival huge structures, they also provide raw materials for various types of products that are essential in people’s businesses and daily lives. As great as trees can be, there are times when they need to be taken down or uprooted for valid and sensible reasons. The Black Forest fire that ravaged Colorado Springs in June, 2013 left many trees severely damaged.


Professional Tree Removal Services in Aspen, CO


In her well-written blog, Pamela Gardapee guides people on how to remove trees on their own. If you’d rather not take the time or risk, though, we offer our tree removal services to customers in the entire Aspen, Colorado area.

Don’t spend a dime for Professional Tree Cutting Services at Aspen CO until you read this!
Whether it is tree removal services, tree cutting services or tree trimming services you are looking, for you can find it with us. We provide you with professional tree cutting services at reasonable prices. Not only do we offer tree cutting services, but we provide you with the best quality tree pruning and tree trimming services, shrub trimming and shrub removal, tree crown reduction and stump removal and entire lot cleaning, as well.
Tree Cutting Teams to Cover a Wide Area
Our professional tree cutting service experts have a fleet of vans covering not only the Aspen, CO area, but also Grand Junction, CO, Fruita, CO, Palisade, CO, Redlands CO, and the region all along the Western Slope of Colorado.
Teams of Arborist Experts to Beautify Your Gardens
Our teams of well-trained and certified arborists can handle your tree care needs, whether they be tree trimming, pruning, or even tree stump removal and grinding. Do not let unsightly trees and stumps ruin the view of your beautiful home or turn away customers at your business! Our services include:
Tree Trimming Services
A popular package is tree trimming and tree cutting services, which are about the most sought-after service tasks performed on trees to keep them from over-growing and damaging your property. About once annually, your trees require trimming or cutting to make them look proper and help beautify your garden.
Tree Pruning
Tree pruning, not to be confused with tree trimming, is done when the tree is young to make deliberate cuts in order to get the tree to grow in the direction and fashion that you want it to.  Only professionals should attempt this delicate task.
Tree Removal Services and Stump Removal
Cutting down trees and removing them is more difficult than it sounds and is something that has to be done with extreme caution! In addition to our tree removal services, stump grinding and removal must also be done when a tree is cut down.  Trees stumps can be an unsightly eyesore, and the remains of an old tree need to be removed or ground down to enrich your property. Remember to let only a specialist handle tree removal services and elimination of unattractive stumps.
Special Money-Saving Offers
Call us for a free offer and estimate. We guarantee to meet or beat anyone’s price, offering the lowest and most competitive prices in the industry.
(Article excerpt and image from How to Remove Trees)